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Direct Ink Writing 3D printing solutions for chemistry and materials laboratories

Sygnis’ original Direct Ink Writing 3D printers are a gateway machines for everyone conducting material research and those working with flexible electronics and robotics. Precision pneumatic extrusion system and intuitive design make them an ideal solution for researchers and scientists. It allows them to work on their terms with i.e. pastes, gels and resins. Sygnis’ DIW 3D printers are simple and reliable tools, helpful in the initial stages of proof-of-concept or as a versatile base for prototyping proprietary 3D printing materials.

Areas of applications

material research
Material Research
sealing gaskets
Sealing Gaskets
soft robotics
Soft Robotics
energy stacks
Energy Stacks

The DIW printer allows the seamless print of a wide range of materials, including the precise fabrication of single-component silicone structures, the expert handling of ceramic pastes, and the effortless creation of objects from photo-curable materials. Explore more applications in a variety of industries and sciences on our website.

Development timeline

August 2020
December 2020
February 2021
April 2021
November 2021
May 2021
early 2022
November 2022
currently 2023
creation of enis
Creation of E-NIS
Creation of the E-NIS 3D printer for semi-liquid materials for the needs of the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw, proof-of-concept of the DIW (Direct Ink Writing) technology.
EU Project Funding
The SYGPAST project, aimed at constructing a hybrid 3D printer for semi-liquid materials, receives funding of 6 million PLN from the National Centre for Research and Development.
futher development
Further development of DIW technology
Based on a positive verification and feedback from the Client, work on improving the E-NIS machine for its second iteration has been initiated.
polish debut award
Polish Debut and First Award
The Polish debut of the DIW technology: The second iteration of E-NIS receives the main award for the best product at the 12th Days of 3D Printing in Kielce.
international debut
International Debut
International Debut of DIW Technology: E-NIS is showcased at the Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt on the Main.
developement of fnis
Development of F-NIS
Initiation of work on simplifying the E-NIS device for market needs - the beginning of the concept of the F-NIS device, combining proprietary DIW extrusion systems with the proven design of an FDM 3D printer.
F-NIS User Testing
Delivery of prototype units of the F-NIS 3D printer to the scientific teams from the Krakow University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, the Wielkopolskie Center for Advanced Technologies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, as well as to the Swedish-American company Cellink, a part of the BICO Group. Conclusion of research and development work based on feedback gathered from the aforementioned partners
fnis production
F-NIS Production
Commencement of F-NIS machine production at the manufacturing facilities of Sygnis SA in Straszyn near Gdańsk
sygpast developement
SYGPAST Development
Our multifunctional hybrid 3D printer with real-time quality control system is coming soon

Supporting research networks

The F-NIS 23151 3D printer is currently used at the Faculty of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Ceramics at the S. Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow to prepare 3D structures made of composite ceramic materials. The two main research directions involve obtaining scaffolds based on silica and alumina with potential applications in various catalytic processes. We have also undertaken tests to obtain direct 3D prints from commercial silicones. In all of these applications, the F-NIS 3D printer has performed so far fully in line with our expectations.

Jakub Marchewka PhD
AGH University of Science and Technology

For me, F-NIS 23151 is Sygnis’ take on the difficult and narrow topic of 3D printing with pastes, viscous liquids, and ceramics with an effect that generates progress and gives an important contribution to the development of additive technologies.

Robert Przekop, DSc
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań

The use of a new printer, which combines the simplicity of construction with almost unlimited possibilities of work with photo-cured bioinks, opens up a new chapter in the testing of materials which we create by us. The construction system of this device does not limit but gives the possibility to create new variations in terms of materials. The printer has been used for experimental work using new photoinitiating systems, new photo-cured gels, and new photo-cured nano-composites tested for biomedical applications.

Joanna Ortyl, Prof., DSc., PhD., Eng.
Cracow University of Technology
f nis 23151

Affordable technology

Discover F-NIS 23151, our proven DIW technology solution. A precision pneumatic extrusion system, which is implemented in the design, provides the user with a simple and reliable tool, helpful in the initial stages of proof-of-concept or as a universal base for prototyping original materials in 3D printing.

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