Direct Ink Writing 3D printer
for chemistry and materials laboratories

Sygnis F-NIS 23151

Direct Ink Writing 3D printer for chemistry and materials laboratories

Sygnis’ original Direct Ink Writing 3D printer – F-NIS 23151 – is a gateway machine for everyone conducting material research and those working with flexible electronics and robotics.

Precision pneumatic extrusion system and intuitive design make F-NIS an ideal solution for researchers and scientists. It allows them to work on their terms with i.e. pastes, gels and resins. Sygnis’ DIW 3D printer is a simple and reliable tool, helpful in the initial stages of proof-of-concept or as a versatile base for prototyping proprietary 3D printing materials.

The device is offered in 3 different specifications - A, B and C.

Version A
Number of heads
Cartridge size
Working area
230 x 150 x 150 mm
Heated platform
Yes, up to 120°C
Working platform
Tempered glass
Print material
Any one-component paste or semi-liquid material
Print handling
USB, SD card
Post processor included
Working chamber
Pneumatic (optional compressor with working presure up to 4 bar)
Version B – Additional improvements
UV module
UV module with 365nm and 405nm wavelengths
Source of light
Post-processor controlled diodes
Version C – Additional improvements
Cartridge size
Head upgrade
Extruder with cartridge heating capability up to 60°C

F-NIS will find its use in chemistry and materials laboratories, among research groups working on new materials, flexible robots, flexible electronics, ceramic insulators, UV-curable materials, silicones, conductive pastes and research on new kinds of batteries.

As a universal Direct Ink Writing 3D printer, F-NIS fits perfectly with the needs of universities, laboratories and research groups in various areas of science.

Sygnis SA is a hardware deeptech company specializing in R&D projects in four main segments of activities: new additive technologies, power engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology. We believe that knowledge has layers™.